Code of Life


Life can be routine: waking up, going to work, cooking, cleaning, running errands, exercising or practice a hobby, spending time with friends or loved ones, and then off to bed for another similar day. By including our passions, goals, and a positive attitude, we can make each day worthwhile. We work hard to overcome life’s challenges without fear of failure. And no matter what, we always choose happiness.

We tend to fixate on the big things in life, like our careers, finances, accomplishments etc. and we forget about the little things that easily slip by unnoticed, such as a smile from a passerby, a hug from a loved one, a kind gesture from an unexpected person, a good laugh with a friend. These little things brighten our days, and these are things we should focus on rather than stressing and obsessing over the things that went wrong during our day.

Before the new year, we had been hearing the same old New Year’s resolutions, and wondering why wait for the new year to begin to work on our goals. Why not start now, and make our new year resolutions our daily goals?

We believe every day we have a chance to grow and become a better version of ourselves, and it all begins with a change of attitude. This year we don’t want any resolutions, especially ones we are going to repeat next year. Instead, we’re going to take advantage of each day we are privileged to have, and work to become better people and follow our dreams.


Your body is your temple  

Our body is the temple of our soul. Not sure where we learned this, if we need to quote someone here, but it’s an excellent metaphor. Every day we need to take care of your body: eat right, sleep well, stay hydrated, and exercise. Ideally, this should be done daily. However, we tend to slack off because the consequences are delayed; we don’t feel the effects of mistreating our body right away. Our bodies are strong and they can fight through bad habits and persevere. However, if we don’t stop to re-fuel and nourish our bodies, they can give out.

Prioritize goals

You always hear people talking about prioritizing goals, and you think, well everything on my to-do list is important! Planning and organizing your tasks is an efficient way get things done, but knowing the difference between important and urgent, is the way to work smarter instead of harder.

Embrace challenges

No one said living is an easy thing. It’s true that sometimes life can be “la vie en rose” but this doesn’t mean that it’s not full of challenges and compromises. The first step towards embracing challenges is acknowledging and accepting the challenge. Once you’ve passed that step, it’s about tackling that challenge once and for all.

Seek solutions

So you’ve accepted the challenge, now it’s about  employing the right attitude and seeking solutions. When dealing with a problem, it’s important not to let yourself delve deep into the emotional reactions. If an issue is upsetting, give yourself some time to feel whatever emotions cross your mind, and then try to bounce back to the rational side of things. Reflect on the situation, find practical solutions on how to deal with it, and don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help in the process.

Some people feel embarrassed to share what they’re dealing with, out of fear of judgment or lack of trust in others. But most of the time it’s more beneficial to hear from others’ experiences and learn from them as well. Keeping things to yourself opens up a whole other world of health issues.

Befriend positive people

You are the average of the people you surround yourselves with. That’s why if there’s anything worth being picky about, it’s your circle of friends. Choose them wisely, and choose the people who inspire you to become the person you want to be.

Be grateful

Not because you have everything but because you have what you need. Not everyone can relate and there are lots of people suffering in this world. Be grateful for having the necessities but also for the little things. An unexpected call from a friend, a thoughtful letter, a red rose, a hug and some family time are some of the most amazing blessings this life has to offer. Don’t take anything for granted and be grateful for every moment you are alive and well. This perspective draws you towards leading a positive life.  



Sisi & Rara


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