Saturday afternoon at the Ripe Market


There’s something peaceful about walking through a noisy park on a Saturday afternoon. You find your own silence in a crowd, your own path off the trail. That’s exactly what we thought as we walked through Umm Al Emarat park heading straight for the Ripe Market. The Ripe Market takes place every Saturday at Umm Al Emarat and hosts a variety of vendors in a market-style setting.

Outdoor markets are a refreshing change from malls and souks; at least we get to soak up some sun and get some fresh air. We only say this in Abu Dhabi’s short lived winter season, of course. There’s something for everyone; food trucks, fruits and vegetables, fresh herbal tea, organic cereals and snacks, clothes and homemade accessories.


The Ripe Market is found in a cozy spot in Umm Al Emarat, with maybe twenty five vendors- don’t quote us on this please- offering something for everyone. We were surprised to find vendors selling baby clothes and hand-made accessories. We believe the vendors can change from time to time, so in each visit you’ll have a new experience.

Around 4 o’clock, visitors flocked towards food trucks. It was an awkward time to order a meal – too late for lunch, too early for dinner- so we settled for a cup of coffee.


Enjoying our organic lattes from Raw, we made our way through the rest of the park, admiring all the different colors, shapes and sounds.

If you’re ever at a community event in Abu Dhabi, take a moment to notice the people around you. You’re not in New York, or Toronto, or London, you’re in Abu Dhabi and the diversity is both surprising and humbling. Not only were people from different ethnicities, but also with different hobbies and interests. We saw gymnasts, painters, runners, photographers, families, couples, and even individuals just enjoying a day out in what Abu Dhabians call a sunny-winter afternoon.

We’re not a fan of crowds, which is why we enjoyed the Ripe Market. There was just enough people to liven the place, without long cues at every vendor. We figured we were there at the ideal time to really enjoy the market. If you’re also not a fan of crowds, better go from 2-5pm. To be fair, we’ve never been there in the evenings, so we’re not sure how crowded it gets at that time. If any of you have been to the market after 5pm, let us know how your experience was! Hopefully, it’s not too packed.


Sisi & Rara

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