L’Atelier Blanc – an irresistible chocolate experience!



The driver behind the Chocolate industry has always been creativity- new flavors, decor and presentation, designed to deliver new experiences for chocolate lovers (like us). When it comes to special occasions, we don’t think twice about serving or gifting personalized chocolate! And seriously, who doesn’t love receiving chocolate?

In the UAE’s saturated market of chocolate vendors, we found a new shop with a fresh and spectacular concept: L’Atelier Blanc!



When we first learned of this young, chocolate boutique, located in Al Sayegh Center, we were super excited to try it out that we payed it a visit at 7 o’clock in the morning- yes, we were that excited! We spent a lovely morning in the showroom with the owners Maya and Layal, two of the sweetest ladies. We felt positive vibes from their team as well, who were very friendly and bubbly.




The atelier is so artistic, easily visible in the presentation of the chocolate, decor of the trays, and other miscellaneous items that leave visitors mesmerized and eager to buy their chocolate.

What we really loved about L’Atelier Blanc apart from their chocolate, is the way they design gifts tailored for each client and how involved their clients are in the design process. We were also super impressed with how meticulous they were in their designs and the high end finishing of the overall product.




How we wished we discovered this place sooner; we would have ordered crazy amounts of their beautiful and delicious chocolate for special occasions that recently passed. For our next occasion, whether it’s a dinner party or a housewarming; engagement or wedding; bridal shower or baby shower; L’Atelier Blanc is our new favorite place. 



Sisi & Rara

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