No. fifty seven boutique cafe

We’ve always been attracted to boutique concepts whether it’s a hotel, designer or in this case a cafe! As we all love to feel special and pamper ourselves – something extra common in the UAE-  we look for those places to ease our stress and splurge a little.

We recently visited No. fifty seven boutique cafe, which is located in one of Abu Dhabi’s hidden gems: Marasy Al Bateen. Our walk to the cafe included a serene view of the night water, docked with yachts and boats. From the first glance, the cafe exuded the concept of a boutique: unique, modern, classy, and not to mention great service and food. We don’t do well in cafes that are so crowded you can barely talk with the people you’re with– but no. fifty seven has the perfect social vibe.


Being foodies, we can say food is an experience and an indescribable joy. We always plan our meetings in cafes or restaurants where we know we’re getting a good meal along with a good catch up. We always choose calm and cosy places that have a unique look and feel, which is what we love the most.




Now, let’s get to the good stuff. We asked for the popular dishes on the menu and we were served the exquisite wild mushroom parcels, and the colorful quinoa and wild rice salad to start off.



As the main course, we were served their signature no.57 cheese burger, after which we quenched our thirst with their No.57 Iced Tea- best iced tea we’ve ever had! We had both been super stressed at work and deserved every calorie.



We strongly recommend No. fifty seven boutique cafe and you’ll probably find us there when you pay a visit someday.



Sisi & Rara

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