Everyday is Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day 2017, we’re writing a tribute to women all over the world.

Since the dawn of time, women have faced social, familial and personal issues. Society has always wanted to shape a woman’s life, contain her in right and wrong, make important decisions on her behalf like on her education,  career, marital status, sports, and interests. Society has tried to strip a woman from her rights, silence her voice and influence her existence. However, women have persevered and broken boundaries of restraint, which has led them towards freedom, independence, strength and prominence in society. Apart from that, women have differentiated themselves in their ability to support, inspire and stand up for each other.

We believe women should be celebrated every day, not just on International Women’s Day, for women symbolize eternal intangible qualities that we are blessed to encounter everyday:  beauty, life, freedom, and inspiration.


Every woman is beautiful in the eyes of her beloved. She isn’t meant to be perfect, she is meant to be real, and she is real despite the scars time and people leave. A woman is beautiful in her smile, her words, her expression, her passion and her love.


Women are mothers and teachers. They are the ones who love unconditionally, give their all without asking for anything in return. Although a smile, a little bit of gratitude and support would be nice, but the lack of those things won’t stop a woman from giving. They teach their children the power of love, faith, and a good, strong heart.


Women flourish in their freedom. Although when given the choice, they, often choose to compromise for the sake of their loved ones, and don’t always put their needs first. But the compromise has to be their choice. Women rebel against repression. At the same time, women find solace in freedom and self-expression- through doing things they love, such as traveling, reading, writing, dancing, etc. When women are free, they reach beyond the stars to achieve their dreams.


Women have always been an inspiration to those around them. Even artists, writers, and poets have long found women to be their muse. When women become mothers, they inspire their children to be kind and loving; when they become teachers, they inspire kids to learn and grow; when they become entrepreneurs, they inspire others to follow their dreams; and when they become scientists, they inspire others to make a difference.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Let’s celebrate all the women who have – and continue to – inspire us, today and every day.


Sisi & Rara

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