Having lunch in the Victorian Era


Living in Abu Dhabi, we enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, cafes and restaurants. But it’s rare to find a place that offers an experience just as good as its food. We were lucky enough we did! Just last week, we were lunch guests at Shakespeare & Co, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and excellent service in a beautiful Victorian-style setting. Not only is this place stunning, but the couches are so comfortable that you’re never ready to leave.

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The décor

As you enter Shakespeare, you’re instantly amazed by their Victorian theme. You have to take a quick tour around the place, examine their intricate decor, and browse through their delicious French patisserie on display. The place is filled with pastel-colored furniture and French shabby chic accessories, which give it an elegant touch.  You feel like you’ve been transported to a little Parisian cafe in the 19th century.


The people

It’s the people who make you really love a place. Shakespeare & Co’s amazing team made our experience the best it could be. The staff was super friendly, welcoming, and always had a smile of their faces. They were also extremely professional and punctual. It was definitely the service that made us love this restaurant even more. We felt we were right at home.

The food

The food was fresh and delicious, and we felt the love in the preparation of each meal! We have to admit we weren’t too adventurous in our lunch choices – we ordered the usual appetizers including calamari, chicken lollipops, mozzarella salad, and even shared a chicken and veggie pizza. But everything we tried was delicious!




To top it all off, they generously offered us a plate of decadent, mouth-watering desserts including cakes, macaroons and chocolate. There was no self-control that day, that’s for sure!


We’re so glad we collaborated with Shakespeare & Co. We highly recommend this place for a nice brunch or a laid back dinner. You can even get them to cater your baby showers, birthday parties, or any occasion to dazzle your guests with french pastries. 


Thank you Shakespeare & Co for an amazing lunch experience! We’ll be back for sure!


Sisi & Rara

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