Cozy Iftar at La Terrazza


We recently enjoyed a cute and cozy iftar with our hubbies at La Terrazza, Hilton Abu Dhabi. La Terrazza offered a mediterranean buffet full of delicious food and a friendly and intimate atmosphere. We were happy to see the restaurant was packed with couples and families, which really speaks for the popularity of the place. We were lucky to get a table!

We just love mediterranean food, and not because we’re Arab! It’s actually one of the healthiest and most ingredient-diverse cuisines out there- not to mention one of the most delicious! We just admired the food, waiting for prayer time so we can begin indulging in this feast before us. Here’s a glimpse of our feast!





We enjoyed our little double date, but our hubbies refused to be part of any photos. So we made them take a quick shot of us!

Copy of IMG_2129

If you’re looking for a delicious decent-sized buffet, which offers good value for money, look no further than next door at La Terrazza, Hilton Abu Dhabi! You can also follow @HiltonAbuDhabi on Instagram to stay up to date on good deals for hotel rooms, restaurants and spa services.  


Sisi & Rara

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