Welcoming baby Mia



Once your newborn comes home, it’s tradition for family and friends to visit the baby and provide a gift either for the baby or the new mom :). In return, the family offers the visitors congratulatory sweets.

There’s a new trend now of setting up a display of different sweets, designed with a creative theme. This table above was Baby Mia’s setup, and the theme was baby pink and grey butterflies- designed by Atelier Blanc, one of our favorite sweet shops in the country! Have a look at all the delicious sweets and beautiful decor they provided us with.


Here’s one of the main highlights of the table- the butterfly tree with hanging bubbles filled with marshmallows.



To the left of the butterfly tree is a display of different chocolates: on the top left corner we have coconut white chocolate balls; underneath them we have mini crunchy chocolate balls stuffed with hazelnuts; and on the rest of the tray premium Belgian chocolate squares with chopped nuts.  Also if you notice there are a couple of small tubes of Smarties chocolate. Those have their own separate display on the table.

We also had another chocolate tray, plain Belgian chocolate in customized wrappings that spell “Hello Baby Mia”. The sculpted babies on the tray are actually made of marzipan, a delicious and popular sweet.



These oval treats are biscuits with an almond paste spread – really yummy as well!


Top right of the table, we have a “Rahat” biscuit display, which is the Rahat sweet sandwiched between two biscuits. Rahat is a traditional Turkish delight – a gelish sweet made of starch and sugar. It’s a really popular treat in the Arab world.

Last but not least, we had a double tray, which displayed the marzipan babies, but also customized pouches that suit the theme.



The idea is for each guest to take a pouch and fill it with sweets – as the giveaway. The sweets will be consumed but the pouch will always remain as a souvenir.


We had bird cages and jars around the table filled with different sweets already mentioned above – to keep the table decor appealing and interesting.



We were so impressed with how quick Atelier Blanc was able to put together this beautiful display, how creative they were with the theme and table decor, not to mention how delicious all the sweets were.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Atelier Blanc, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


Sisi & Rara


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