Authentic Greek in Abu Dhabi



Life has kept us both so busy that it’s been awhile since we had a proper outing together. But one night last week, we decided to spontaneously go out for dinner because planning a night out just wasn’t working out. Sometimes you just need one person to call and say, “Are you free right now? Let’s go!”

We headed straight to Bentley, one of our favorite restaurants in The Galleria, and noticed there’s a new restaurant that opened right behind it, literally taking up half of Bentley’s original space.  It’s a new Greek restaurant called Eat Greek Kouzina, which appealed to us mainly because we’ve never had Greek food in Abu Dhabi, and so we decided to try it out.


We were so impressed with this place – the vibe, the food and the service were on point. From the moment we walked in, we noticed how hospitable the staff were. We were seated instantly, and received a talk through the menu on popular dishes. We really liked the decor of the place, especially the table set up. Overall, the ambiance was warm and inviting, and we felt like we were dining in one of our own homes.

We were expecting a cuisine similar to Lebanese, on account of them both being  Mediterranean cuisines, but although the ingredients were familiar, the dishes were unique and had a whole new palette of flavor. Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious, and it was just exciting to try out something new for a change.

For appetizers, we ordered the Cretan Dakos salad, which is a feta and tomato salad on something like brown bread (not sure what it was exactly). And of course, calamari, which is a must-have dish.



You would say we weren’t so adventurous when we ordered a burger to share. But this was not just any burger – the Mousaka burger is truly a unique and delicious burger! It had grilled eggplant with béchamel sauce (yum!).


What made our dinner really special was the chef visiting our table and recommending some of his signature dishes. He encouraged us to try the grilled octopus with fava bean purée, and the Soutzoukakia à la Grecque, which is Greek-style meatballs. The octopus was the most delicious meal out of everything we tried- the meat was so tender, it melted in our mouths. And the fava bean purée was so flavorful, we loved it.


Even the meatballs were just soft and super delicious! The best part was the Greek yoghurt in the tomato sauce, and since we love Greek yoghurt it made us love the dish even more.

IMG_0248We were so stuffed after this feast, but the chef wouldn’t let us leave without dessert. We took some orange pies to go. Even dessert was authentic!

Eat Greek Kouzina’s staff were extremely sweet and courteous. Even as a team, we could really tell they were close, like a family, the way they joked and laughed with one another. IMG_0245We strongly recommend this restaurant for those who would like to try something new in Abu Dhabi- you won’t be disappointed with this dining experience!

Check out Eat Greek Kouzina’s website and follow them on Instagram to have a look at their authentic Greek dishes.


Sisi & Rara




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