October’s beauty favorites


We’ve had a crazy busy month, a lot of work and studying, and a lot of new mom stress and responsibilities. Stress can really affect your outer beauty, damaging your skin, and stripping you away from time spent pampering and taking care of yourself. You go from having that extra twenty minutes in the morning to apply your makeup, to scavenging for 5 minutes to fix yourself before you begin your day. Those days when you’re too stressed or busy, you just need a quick fix in the morning to look semi-normal and hide the fact that you stayed up all night studying or caring for your baby.

Here are the products we’ve been using for a five-minute fix before embarking on a stressful day ahead.


Born This Way concealer

This concealer is a life-changer. The lack of sleep has caused dark circles to form around our eyes, which aren’t easy to hide with regular concealers. This concealer actually hides them well, and blends in nicely and naturally. It takes less than a minute to apply, and it just transforms the way you look, giving you that “wide-awake” look on your face.



MAC Fluidline eyeliner gel

This is the quick fix to make your eyes pop. When you have no time to work on your eyes, all you need is a quick line! We found that this gel is so much smoother to apply than a pencil and gives you a decent thickness quicker (obviously which you can adjust). It is long-lasting and doesn’t smudge easily. It will probably take you a minute or so to perfect your eyeliner, which we find more efficient than any other eyeliner. 


Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Lipstick 

Now this is a new addition to our collection, and we absolutely love it! When we’re looking for a quick fix, one coat of this lipstick can instantly brighten our faces. It’s one of those lipsticks that you can apply properly and quickly, without the need of lipliner. They don’t have a large collection of colors but the ones available are basic and practical. We chose the pink one of course, because it goes really well with our complexion.


Marco Serussi Women’s perfume

This is also a new addition to our perfume collection. A whiff of this scent in Sephora and we were sold! It has such a new freshness and lightness that we felt suited our busy, active lives. Plus when we bought it, it came in a package deal: two perfumes, one regular and another smaller, portable version for your handbag. This was perfect for us, because sometimes when you’re too busy you even forget to spray some perfume. In this case, you already have your perfume in your handbag. Or in the case that you found time to spray it on, you can always touch up later on during the day.

We’d love to hear what products you use for a quick fix on your busy days! Please don’t hesitate to comment or write to us with your beauty product suggestions.


Sisi & Rara


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