November’s beauty favorites


November is a great month to be in the UAE, the weather starts to cool down a little bit, and you feel a nice breeze after a long hot summer. Plus, the best part about November is that December is around the corner and that’s usually the time we shop shop shop! Since we didn’t really buy any new products this month, we thought we’d highlight some of our not-so-new beauty products that we love. 


Flormar Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick

You can never have too many lipsticks, and we absolutely love the liquid matte types, as you might have noticed in our previous beauty favorites. This one is just one of those good ones! It’s smooth, long-lasting and simply rich in color!


Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream

The vanilla collection at Bath & Body Works is by far our favorite collection in shop. We eagerly wait for the exclusive Vanilla Bean Noel collection that comes out every Christmas, but for the rest of the year we indulge in their warm vanilla sugar collection. This body cream has an irresistible scent and a long-lasting moisture.


Sephora Eyeshadow

We’ve got plenty of eyeshadows by Sephora. They’re good quality, with lots of beautiful colors to choose from. This gold eyeshadow color is one of our favorites! We absolutely love the gold smokey eyes look, which makes our eyes pop and gives such a classy and dreamy look- perfect for a night out! And this is the gold we love using for that look. 


Rogé Cavaillès Anti-Marks Deodorant

As women who live in hot weather, we know how important and how difficult it is to find the right deodorant! We’ve read a lot about some of the harmful chemicals in deodorants, like aluminum for instance, so it made us super paranoid about our deodorants at the time. If you’re like us, this deodorant by Rogé Cavaillès is the one for you! It’s an aluminum-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, allergen-free deodorant, and on top of that it is actually long-lasting and stain-free!  Now we bought this one when we were in Paris, but hopefully you can find it in the UAE or order it online. 


Gabrielle Chanel

Launched only this summer, this is a new captivating perfume by Chanel, and we’re in love with its rich and refreshing floral scent. It was inspired by Coco Chanel’s vibrant personality when she was known as Gabrielle. If you’re looking for a new perfume, try this one out!

We’d love to hear what your beauty favorites are! Please don’t hesitate to comment or write to us with your suggestions.


Sisi & Rara


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