Holiday Dinner at Sisi’s


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The holidays are a great time to reflect on all things appreciated. This year, we’re grateful for the fact that we launched our blog, which has brought a lot of positivity and joy into our lives. We’re grateful for all the lovely people we met in our journey so far, and who’ve inspired us to chase our dreams. We’re also thankful for good health, which is the most important thing for us within ourselves and our loved ones.

To celebrate the holidays, we enjoyed a quiet night in where we caught up on life, and indulged in a delicious holiday dinner. Our dinner was prepared by one of our favorite restaurants in the UAE: Shakespeare and Co.

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We were surprised to learn that Shakespeare and Co. prepares holiday turkey dinners, and so excited to try their turkey! We ordered from their festive turkey dinner menu a few days in advance, and picked it up over the weekend. We didn’t know what to expect but the result blew our mind and left us satisfied for days on end.

As soon as we picked up the food, we took a quick peek at our turkey – and it was mouth-watering! It was surrounded by roasted potatoes and turkey sausage wrapped with veal bacon.


The turkey came with a colorful display of sautéed vegetables, which made for a perfect side. Shakespeare and Co. gives you the option of choosing your sides, from a range of rice, veggies, and potatoes. We went for the veggies!

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The mixed veggies included zucchini, brussel sprouts, carrots and broccoli. And last but not least, the gravy and cranberry sauce to complete this feast.



As soon as we set the table, we dug in!

IMG_3153 (1)

IMG_3169 (1)

After this scrumptious meal, we had no room for dessert. But after unraveling the festive chocolate log, we were so tempted to have at least one bite! It was moist, chocolatey and surprisingly light-  we ended up devouring a whole piece of cake. As part of this festive menu, you can choose from a chocolate log or biskelia log, which includes almond biscuit, passion fruit cream and biskelia milk mousse. We chose this delicious chocolate log below.

IMG_3178 (1)

We were truly impressed with the taste, quality and generosity of Shakespeare and Co.’s festive turkey dinner. The food was delicious, and presentable – perfect for a dinner party with your loved ones!

If you’re too busy to prepare a holiday feast, check out Shakespeare and Co.’s festive turkey dinner menu!

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Sisi & Rara


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