January’s beauty favorites


There’s something addictive about beauty products- our collection seems to be expanding and since we run out of stuff so quickly, we are constantly shopping for more! We wanted to take a break from shopping this month since we exhausted our bank accounts throughout the holidays, but there are some beauty essentials that naturally seem to be exempted –  we call them the basics…

Here are some of the basics we picked up this month.


Sephora Collection – Cream Lip Stain

If you have been following us for awhile, you would have noticed that we’re always wearing lipstick. Our basic daily makeup always includes lipstick or some kind of lip coloring, because it simply brightens up our faces. That’s why we’re always collecting different types and shades. This month we purchased two beautiful wintery shades from the Sephora collection, and we’re in love with them! These creamy lipsticks really revive our lips and most importantly, they’re long-lasting. One shade is called Cherry Blossom (16) and the other Copper Blush (23). We found these colors to be both corporate and elegant. There’s around 30 different shades to choose from! 


Fit Me Foundation – Maybelline

Contrary to lipstick, foundation is not a part of our daily beauty routine. We only wear foundation on special nights and occasions.  We were recently introduced to this new foundation by Maybelline – a poreless and matte foundation cream that does wonders to our skin. We love how light and easy it is to apply, as well as the natural glow it gives. If you’re someone who wears foundation everyday and are looking for something light and natural, try this foundation! And if you’re someone like us who doesn’t like wearing foundation so much, you might be comfortable using this one on occasions. 


Chance – Chanel 

A classic, and one of our favorites! Once we love a certain fragrance, it becomes timeless, and we keep re-stocking it in our collections. We find Chance to be such an elegant fragrance- that is both memorable and attractive. It’s unique blend of jasmine, pepper and mint is strong and soothing at the same time.


Nail polish – pastel colors

It’s rare to find us without nail polish on! And because nail polish is a daily beauty essential, we tend to wear lighter, pastel-colored shades that work best with a variety of outfits. We always have to think corporate – so we need colors that are professional and don’t stand out too much… Which of these shades do you like the most?

We’d love to hear what your beauty favorites are! Please don’t hesitate to comment or write to us with your suggestions.


Sisi & Rara

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