A taste of The Hamptons


We recently took a trip to Dubai specifically to visit The Hamptons Cafe. It was highly recommended to us by a dear friend, and being the foodies that we are, we couldn’t wait to check it out.

We had heard great things about the food there, but it was actually the theme of the cafe that got us excited. The Hamptons Cafe in Dubai was inspired by The Hamptons in Long Island, which is known to many for its luxuriousness and the high status of its residents. However what really makes that region stand out is the greenery, vivid colors and picturesque scenery, making it the perfect summer home location in the US.

The owner of The Hamptons Cafe had the idea of recreating the same style and decor that he had seen when he had visited The Hamptons, Long Island. And this recreation is what makes this boutique cafe unique, and what made us fall in love!



The Hamptons Cafe is set up in a three-floor villa, and each floor is stunning on its own. On the rooftop you’ll find a beautiful view of Dubai, especially at sunset hour! On the second floor, it’s super romantic with dim lighting and warm colors.

We sat on the ground floor, where there was a cozy patio, adorned with beautiful flowers, bird cages, summer patio furniture that transports you outside the UAE. 


We were greeted in a friendly manner and quickly grew to find that the staff was exceptionally good spirited. What made their team stand out is their passion, as they enthusiastically explained the history of the cafe with pride. And the entire time we were there, they were all smiles.  


When we visit a restaurant for the first time, we tend to order multiple dishes instead of one main meal, just so we can really get a taste of the place.

We started off with Passion fruit mojitos. And as people who’ve had lots of virgin mojitos in their lives, we can say that the Hamptons Cafe has one of the best mojitos we’ve ever tried!


For appetizers, we ordered Burrata cheese, a strawberry quinoa salad and a goat cheese and vegetable quiche. As one of our favorite types of cheese, Burrata is a dish we just can’t overlook. It tasted great, as Burrata always does!


As for the strawberry quinoa salad, it was light, refreshing and delicious. We just love pairing fruits and vegetables in salads, and the berries were the perfect complement to the greens in this salad.


We’re huge quiche lovers! So we were delighted to find that quiche was served all day, not just for breakfast. On a side note, The Hamptons Cafe is also known for its extensive breakfast menu, with healthy options like acai and chia bowls, peanut butter french toast, banana waffles, and even homemade bread and granola. Even the quiche they serve is on the lighter side; it was made with goat cheese and vegetables!


For the main courses, we ordered the mushroom risotto and chicken satay. If you like your truffles, then you have to try the mushroom risotto. It had a unique richness and creaminess that we really enjoyed.


The chicken satay was another favorite. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and was dressed in fresh peanut sauce. Yummy! 


After such a rich and succulent feast, we were too stuffed to have desert, but having taken a look at the dessert menu, we’re guaranteed to leave room next time! They have lots of mouth-watering options like almond coconut cake, berry tiramisu, rose cheesecake, and vanilla crème brûlée.


The Hamptons Cafe is a great visit for any occasion! Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, birthday lunch, afternoon tea party or date night, it’s the perfect vibe for all.

To learn more about The Hamptons Cafe, visit Hamptonsdubai.com and follow them on Instagram at @TheHamptonsDubai.


Sisi & Rara





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