February’s beauty favorites


Oh my Gosh! We are so happy to have gotten our hands on these Gosh beauty products. This young and innovative Danish brand has only been recently introduced to Abu Dhabi. Being the curious shoppers we are, we just had to learn more about the brand and even pick up a few things to try out.  Now, we’re in love! 


Bronzing shimmer powder

This shimmering, brush-on powder has a beautiful color combination that gives you that sun-kissed summertime look! And given our fair complexions, we love anything that gives us a bronze look, especially when it actually lasts all day. What we love about this powder is that it is perfume and paraben free. Perfect for daily use and guilt-free!


Smokey eyes palette

Now we’re not makeup experts, and we’re learning new tips and tricks everyday. However, this 02 brown palette made our lives easier when it comes to applying eyeshadow. It’s got a shiny coating that looks great when mixing the colors, and makes it super easy to blend and apply.  


Liquid matte lips

So this liquid matte lipstick is really like no other! Its active ingredients naturally increase the volume of your lips while keeping them hydrated – giving you sexy plump lips without even getting your lips done! The formula is also designed to make the product stay put once applied. We also fell in love with this color- the nougat crisp #007. 


Intense eye liner pen

This is the #1 black: a fantastic semi-permanent eye liner that is very easy to apply especially for women who struggle with eye liner. 

All Gosh’s products are vegan friendly, paraben free, perfume free, gluten free, lanolin free and zinc free. Learn more about Gosh here

Have you tried Gosh’s products before? If not, you have to get your hands on these! 


Sisi & Rara

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