Rehab Abdulla, a promising Emirati woman


We’ve always been inspired by Emirati women. Their strength, confidence and intelligence have helped them succeed in their endeavors and gain a strong presence in society. Not to mention, the constant support that the UAE leadership provides to empower Emirati women to reach their goals and dreams.  And despite the success of these women, we admire how they stay true to themselves and celebrate their cultural identities.

We were recently introduced to Rehab Abdulla, a young and hardworking Emirati woman who paved a fruitful career path for herself as a TV host and presenter on Abu Dhabi TV. Seeing Rehab on TV and meeting her in person was a delightful experience- she’s even lovelier and more genuine face to face. We got a real feel of her passion for education and fashion, and had a great time getting to know her on a personal level.

Here’s what Rehab shared with us…

1. How did your career in media begin?

I was always really interested in pursuing a career in media, mainly for the various cultural and societal aspects of the field. So, I took a step in the right direction, and enrolled in a bachelor’s program in media and communications. And while I was in university, I did an interview with Abu Dhabi Media Company, which revealed my skills and passion for media, and so I was offered a job as a TV host. I was the youngest TV host at the time.


2. What are the main challenges you face in your career?

There’s a lot of pressure working in a TV program, especially from within the team. It can get quite competitive when it comes to making decisions regarding the program, because everyone has a different point of view and wants to see their ideas implemented. But I must say that it’s healthy to maintain a competitive spirit because it pushes the team to work harder and give their best.

But despite any challenge, my main rule in life is to always remain positive and believe in myself and in my capabilities when it comes to facing obstacles and learning from them.

3. What is the greatest reward for you in your line of work? 

The greatest reward is when you are recognized for your hard work and dedication. I’ve received numerous accolades over the years, which motivate me to continue working hard and reach for the top.


4. How important do you think education is for women in gaining their own voice? 

Education is the key pillar in the growth and development of any nation. I believe that for a woman to maintain a strong voice and inspire positive changes in society, she not only needs a strong education, but she needs to continuously seek and gain knowledge throughout her life.

Thanks to the support of our wise leadership, Emirati women are provided with the necessary tools to succeed as well as maintain a strong representation within our society. And we are fortunate to have lots of female role models to look up to like HE Noura Al Kaabi and HE Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi.

5. We noticed you’re extremely fashionable! Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Yes, I adore fashion! I’m constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry. And I have to say Karl Lagerfeld is my favorite designer.

I am also currently presenting a new luxury-themed lifestyle TV program that was recently launched called Fakhama. This program is all about fashion and luxury, and we highlight the latest trends in the fashion industry as well as fashionable women.


6. Any other hobbies or interests?

I love reading, because I believe that reading is the food of the mind and soul.

7. As a young Emirati woman, how do you describe the support the UAE leadership provides to women?

The support we receive is endless and unconditional, which makes me feel blessed and grateful to be an Emirati woman.

8. Any advice for women who want to pursue their career as a TV presenter?

The best way to succeed in this field is to stay away from bad competition and focus on your personal development and growth. Keep learning and stay up to date with the trends in the media industry.

It’s also important to have a strong voice for yourself and within the community, in order to reach and inspire others. Social media has been a great platform for self-expression and for influencing and inspiring others around us.


Follow Rehab Abdullah on Instagram @rehababdullaa.


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