Ramadan with Sauce


Ramadan is a peaceful month filled with love, reflection, and quality time with family and friends. Although women dress conservatively during this holy month, it doesn’t stop them from being stylish… and we love seeing all the fashion trends of the year come to life in the form of long skirts, sleeves and beautiful embroidered abayas!

This year we were particularly impressed with Sauce’s Ramadan collection, which includes Zayan the Label, Chouhan, Suecomma Bonnie, Michaela Burger, Manish Arora, Adelya, and Alessa. If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’d know how much we love bright colors and this is what attracted us to Sauce’s collection, as it reflects the trending summery colors while preserving the values of the holy month of Ramadan. Here are some of our favorite outfits to show you! 

First of all, we just love the interior of the shop. It has such a youthful vibe to it, with lots of modern, soothing colors that put you in a great mood to shop!


Something we didn’t know about Sauce – they sell chic dinner sets amongst other household items.


We found these beautiful twin abayas by Samant Chouhan, which we thought were stunning for a semi-formal event during Ramadan. The combination of elegant, modest and comfortable is so fitting for this month.






You can even pair up your abaya with a trendy clutch!




We also fell in love with a couple of abayas that we felt were perfect for a night in, maybe for an iftar that you’re hosting for your family and friends. These beauties are by Zayan the Label.







And then we discovered two beauties that scream summertime fashion! And yes, it’s the striking colors that we love… also by Zayan the Label.


We have to say, apart from the beautiful color of this abaya, the design of its sleeves is what really makes this piece so gorgeous!


There’s something so elegant about the simplicity of this abaya below, and by giving us a glimpse of a woman’s neckline, it instantly adds more femininity to the look.


What we found so creative was these loose, embroidered straps, which actually added a more summery and casual appeal to the whole abaya.


We felt these abayas needed striking sandals to really make a statement, so we paired them with these ruffled summer sandals by Joshua Saunders.




We accessorized with some of the latest designs in jewelry fashion! Check out the bangles below: the wider bracelets are by Alessa Jewelry, and the thinner ones by Magic Line.


These wrap-around rings below are by Adelya Jewelry.


We also found some cute outfits for everyday wear during Ramadan! This outfit below is by Katya Debrakova.


And for women who love baking, this t-shirt below is by Michaela Burger.


And the skirt by Manish Aurora; the shoes by Suecomma Bonnie.


If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend paying a visit to Sauce and checking out their summer collection, especially their latest Ramadan collection. There’s just so much femininity and creativity in the designs they have, whether it’s their clothes, shoes or accessories!

Check out their Instagram page @SauceLoves to see all these beautiful designs.



Sisi & Rara






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