Iftar at Al Fanous Tent


During Ramadan, most of our social outings take place in Ramadan tents, where we get to dine on delicious food, share laughs and spend quality time with our friends. We recently had the pleasure of dining at Al Fanous tent for Iftar, and we have to say, it’s one of nicest tents we’ve seen in Abu Dhabi.

Located in Marina Square, Al Fanous tent overlooks the waters of Reem Island, offering its guests a beautiful seaside view. The tent has both a dining area and a lounge, with modern and garden-style decor. We took a table in the lounge section just because we absolutely loved the vibe there. We learned this area is actually extremely popular around Suhour time!


For Iftar they serve a rich international buffet, catered by Intercontinental hotel, which we found delicious and actually reminded us of our mom’s cooking! For those who love their mom’s home-cooked meals, this buffet comes close…







We were very impressed with the dessert table, and were pretty much eyeing it from the start!



We felt this buffet had something for all types of eaters – the light and healthy eaters as well as the indulgers.

As you know we take dessert very seriously, so we decided to grab a few different plates, and nibble on sweets with our coffee.


At some point we felt we were more in a lounge than a Ramadan tent – that’s how comfortable we were. We’ll definitely be coming back here, especially during the FIFA World Cup!


As non-smokers, we really enjoyed this tent because when Ramadan tents get fully-booked they’re often congested with smoke, which really bothers us! So this tent was perfect in the sense that people around us were smoking, but because it wasn’t super crowded and had great ventilation, we had a great experience.

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Sisi & Rara



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