One piece of Bosnia in Abu Dhabi!


What we love about living in Abu Dhabi is that although we still belong to the Arab world, we are surrounded by diversity and culture! And what better way to learn about a culture than through its art and fashion.

We’re always seeking out emerging brands that have a story to tell. Authentic, real brands that inspire us and that we can learn from everyday. That’s why we were delighted when we discovered a hidden gem in Abu Dhabi’s ever growing world of fashion: One Piece Concept – the first Bosnian concept store in the UAE, and probably in the world too!

The inspiration behind One Piece Concept (OPC) is one word: Bosnia. When a young, Bosnian family moved to the UAE they noticed people were so curious about their rich culture and heritage. They decided to open up a Bosnian concept store dedicated to showcasing Bosnian history and culture through its fashion and art.

When it opened its doors in June 2017, OPC started off by showcasing 7 Bosnian designers. Today, over 30 Bosnian designers from around the world showcase their designs exclusively through OPC.  Recently, they’ve extended collaborations to designers within the region, designers that share the same values and vision when it comes to art and design.

What really impressed us about this store was that everything – and we mean everything – is hand-crafted and unique to the store. This includes furniture in the store such as the seats and coffee table. You have to stop by and just look at the interior.

OPC has done a truly remarkable job – bringing unique designs, flowy garments, high-quality fabrics, handmade jewelry and much more, straight from the heart of Bosnia to Abu Dhabi. After spending some time at OPC, we learned a great deal about their designers and their unique and phenomenal work. We wanted to showcase a number of outfits we fell in love with – each piece with a story of its own.


This beautiful outfit is by Plusminus Fashion, essentially a fusion of modern design and traditional printmaking. Every piece is hand printed in Intaglio or Relief prints, from plates made by graphic designers. You can say each garment is a unique piece of art, treated as such from design to delivery.


This lovely peach dress is by Thara Koncept, famous for their comfortable cuts that can work both as casual and dressy outfits.  The inspiration behind Thara Koncept is to provide ladies with the utmost comfort in high quality fabric, so that they remain wearing their outfit even when they come home at the end of the day.


Fashion is leading towards comfort and modesty, and we’ve noticed this is an ever growing trend amongst all fashion brands, especially in our region. We absolutely love how OPC has a lot to contribute to this growing trend. Take this outfit below for instance: a styled mix of a Thara Koncept white dress along with a kaftan by a Omani designer, Mona. This is a prime example of how fashion can bridge different cultures.


This look portrays luxury and modesty. We even added a unique piece of jewelry to kick it up a notch. This is a handmade wooden necklace by Make Me, a designer duo from Sarajevo, Bosnia.


Because we spend hours at the office, we’re always looking for professional yet comfortable outfits. Check out this elegant two-piece by Thara Koncept.


This two-piece turns into a three-piece with a light, fashionable topcoat. You can go a step further and couple it with a funky handmade Kao Pao Shu bag that screams “boss”.


For a dash of color, we coupled the same outfit with a beautiful topcoat that’s hand-painted by Bosnian painter Alisa Teletovic.  



OPC has lots of unique accessories that you can mix and match for various occasions. Take this beautiful tote bag by Kohel Studio, a vegan-friendly brand that uses eco leather with original prints.


On the more formal side, we found some gorgeous dresses perfect for special occasions. Take this beautiful white dress by Kaftan Studio. Kaftan Studio are two sister designers that dress famous celebrities in the GCC region and in the world. Their slogan is: Every woman is VIP.


Last but not least, Bosnian luxury fashion. Check out this wedding dress by MateyaNeira, a designer duo that makes wonderful, handmade high-end fashion garments.



This gorgeous white dress usually comes with a cape and leather belts but we just loved it on its own – so simple and elegant. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to wear something simple but unique, check out MateyaNeira.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo matter where you’re from, once you live and get settled in the UAE, you just love it! Not only do you become proud of the developments and accomplishments of the country,  but you also grow attached to the people you meet from diverse backgrounds. It really is a wonderful place to live. And we find that the best brands and families feel the same way.

As a token of love and gratitude to living in this beautiful country, One Piece Concept launched the Abu Dhabi CUBE, which is a souvenir made by the skillful hands, engineering and creativity of Bosnians.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt first sight, we barely took notice of it. However, with a closer look we learned that this cube unfolds into the iconic skyline of Abu Dhabi, revealing the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, Aldar Headquarters, Adnoc Headquarters and other landmarks. 

The cubes are made out of wood, fir and walnut, creating a nice fusion of sand and architecture, a contrast that we see everyday in the city. This amazing handcrafted gift portrays the feel and energy of Abu Dhabi, and is OPC’s tribute to Year of Zayed 2018. 

Pay a visit to One Piece Concept in Boutik Mall, Reem Island. Follow them on Instagram to see all their beautiful designs.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to the team at OPC for taking the time to share all the stories of their designers, and for treating us like family from the moment we stepped into the store. We’d also like to thank our talented photographer Marvin Nuto ,who took these beautiful photos and supported us during our time at OPC. 


Sisi & Rara



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