A glimpse into my Master’s journey

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A lot of people have been asking me to share more about my Master’s experience, especially the struggles I faced as I embarked on this rewarding journey. 

When I started my graduate studies, I couldn’t help but think how nerve-racking it would be to join a class full of senior professionals from various industries. It’s nothing like your undergraduate degree, where your fellow students are practically the same age and are on the same path in life. Graduate classes are totally different! You are surrounded by people from all ages, backgrounds and careers, an aspect I came to find really enriched my learning experience. I learned a lot from my classmates and gained valuable insights into all their different professions and industries.

When people found out about my graduate studies, a lot of them asked surprisingly how and why I even considered going back to university. As someone who values education and who believes in the importance of learning something new everyday, I took the decision to obtain a graduate degree and expand my knowledge in my field of communication. The communications industry is ever growing and there are so many new trends that we have to learn to stay relevant. Whether you continue your education, or read books about it, or take courses on the side – there’s no right or wrong way to continue learning. The most important thing is to stay relevant in your career!

On a personal note, it was difficult to balance taking care of my home, having a full-time job alongside studying for my Masters, not to mention maintaining a personal blog. Finding that balance required a lot of time, dedication and energy. Fear of failure haunted me throughout my journey, but with the support of my husband, family and closest friends, I was able to stay strong and eliminate this fear.

A post graduate degree is not easy or smooth. It’s demanding, challenging, exhausting and stressful, comprising of sleepless nights and a lot of learning to do in a short period of time. I had a couple of breakdowns along the way. But what helped me get through the tough times was the constant reminder of my goal and conjuring up the motivation to get back on the right track. The smallest gesture made all the difference in my day; I had a sticky note on my desk with a written reminder of why I had decided to pursue my Master’s degree. And this little note helped me persevere throughout this tough journey.

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When you achieve your goal, there might not be a lot of people who are happy for you. But the one person who should be the proudest and happiest is you. And the people who truly love you will be there to congratulate you and celebrate your success.

I was extremely grateful for all the support I had during my journey, but I made sure to really indulge in my success on the inside. I constantly told myself how proud I was that I achieved this personal goal. At the end of the day, the whole point of personal success is not to display in front of others, but to be left pleased and fulfilled.

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To all women out there who want to pursue their graduate degree, don’t be discouraged by peoples’ opinions of how difficult or time consuming or even time-wasting another degree is.  You know what’s best for you, and you have the right to pave your own path into the future.

To all women out there, surround yourself with real people who love and support you, but always remain your number one supporter!

To all women out there, believe in yourself, set your goals and fly high…

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A big thanks to Shakespeare & Co. for this beautiful cake to celebrate my success with all my family and friends.




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