Having lunch in the Victorian Era


Living in Abu Dhabi, we enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, cafes and restaurants. But it’s rare to find a place that offers an experience just as good as its food. We were lucky enough we did! Just last week, we were lunch guests at Shakespeare & Co, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and excellent service in a beautiful Victorian-style setting. Not only is this place stunning, but the couches are so comfortable that you’re never ready to leave.

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No. fifty seven boutique cafe

We’ve always been attracted to boutique concepts whether it’s a hotel, designer or in this case a cafe! As we all love to feel special and pamper ourselves – something extra common in the UAE-  we look for those places to ease our stress and splurge a little.

We recently visited No. fifty seven boutique cafe, which is located in one of Abu Dhabi’s hidden gems: Marasy Al Bateen. Our walk to the cafe included a serene view of the night water, docked with yachts and boats. From the first glance, the cafe exuded the concept of a boutique: unique, modern, classy, and not to mention great service and food. We don’t do well in cafes that are so crowded you can barely talk with the people you’re with– but no. fifty seven has the perfect social vibe.


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L’Atelier Blanc – an irresistible chocolate experience!



The driver behind the Chocolate industry has always been creativity- new flavors, decor and presentation, designed to deliver new experiences for chocolate lovers (like us). When it comes to special occasions, we don’t think twice about serving or gifting personalized chocolate! And seriously, who doesn’t love receiving chocolate?

In the UAE’s saturated market of chocolate vendors, we found a new shop with a fresh and spectacular concept: L’Atelier Blanc!

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Saturday afternoon at the Ripe Market


There’s something peaceful about walking through a noisy park on a Saturday afternoon. You find your own silence in a crowd, your own path off the trail. That’s exactly what we thought as we walked through Umm Al Emarat park heading straight for the Ripe Market. The Ripe Market takes place every Saturday at Umm Al Emarat and hosts a variety of vendors in a market-style setting.

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Crunch and Munch


We recently discovered a cozy café called Crunch and Munch, located in the heart of Khalidiyah. We were looking for a quiet place to work on our blog and couldn’t have found a better place. We spent a few hours there, working, eating and chatting. We fell in love with the décor and ambiance. The place was fresh and different, seats were comfortable, and the staff was super friendly.

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