Rehab Abdulla, a promising Emirati woman


We’ve always been inspired by Emirati women. Their strength, confidence and intelligence have helped them succeed in their endeavors and gain a strong presence in society. Not to mention, the constant support that the UAE leadership provides to empower Emirati women to reach their goals and dreams.  And despite the success of these women, we admire how they stay true to themselves and celebrate their cultural identities.

We were recently introduced to Rehab Abdulla, a young and hardworking Emirati woman who paved a fruitful career path for herself as a TV host and presenter on Abu Dhabi TV. Seeing Rehab on TV and meeting her in person was a delightful experience- she’s even lovelier and more genuine face to face. We got a real feel of her passion for education and fashion, and had a great time getting to know her on a personal level.

Here’s what Rehab shared with us…

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Interview with Chantal Saliba Abikhalil: the journey of an inspirational News Anchor


Being Lebanese, we are proud of all the successful Lebanese women who are role models for the new generation!

Chantal Saliba Abikhalil is a Lebanese woman who made her way to the top with perseverance, dedication and confidence. A famous News Anchor and loving mother, Chantal is a one-of-a-kind lady who we can all learn from.

We had the privilege of meeting with Chantal in person and discussing her thoughts on her career and the media industry in the Arab world. We also got a glimpse into her personal life as a wife and mother!

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A glimpse into Rhea Jacobs’ life


We love meeting young inspirational women who are passionate about what they do. In a challenging and competitive world, it’s becoming harder to be who you are and follow your dreams. But it’s never impossible.

Rhea Jacobs is someone who lives by the quote of “nothing is impossible”. In the fashion world, she’s an ever growing icon who has made a name for herself in a short period of time, and stands out beautifully in a crowd. We were privileged to sit down with Rhea and get to know her on a personal level and hear her journey of becoming the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and her thoughts on working in the fashion industry…

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Coffee with the lady behind Peplum the Label and @Ruelulu


Peplum the Label is one of our favorite Lebanese fashion lines, mainly because of its unique fashion sense. We had the privilege of having coffee with Shereen Makarem, the designer who founded Peplum the Label, a growing fashion clothing line with beautiful, colorful, and youthful collections. Shereen also owns the Instagram page @Ruelulu which is her personal platform for fashion, trends and thoughts.

Here’s what Shereen had to say about Peplum the Label and @Ruelulu:

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Catching up with Dalida Ayach

This summer we caught up with our dear friend Dalida Ayach, a famous Lebanese fashion designer who has dressed international celebrities like Eva Longoria. Dalida is an inspiration for all women with a passion for fashion, as she chased her dream till she made a unique and successful brand name for herself.

We were lucky to get an exclusive interview on her exciting journey!

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The Mama behind Cookie Dough Boutique


When you’re a mama to be, you start noticing and appreciating all things baby and children-related! We recently learned about Cookie Dough, a luxury boutique for children’s clothing and products, located in Beirut. This boutique offers a unique shopping experience to parents including numerous luxury clothing brands, and nursery, parenting, event planning and interior design services.

During a trip to Lebanon, we stopped by Cookie Dough to see this beautiful boutique in person. We also had the privilege of meeting the woman behind Cookie Dough, an amazing lady named Yasmin Agha! We asked Yasmin a few questions about how she launched such a successful venture and here’s what she had to say. 

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Summer Afternoon with Hala Ajam


In light of the summer wedding season, we decided to reconnect with renowned Lebanese makeup artist, Hala Ajam. Having studied in LA, Hala is known for her unique makeup style that combines western and eastern artistic techniques. One of her specialties is bridal makeup, which one of us has first hand experience with. She’s truly amazing! 

We’re privileged to have spent a cozy summer afternoon at Hala’s studio in downtown Beirut, chatting about her passion, and learning some beauty tips and tricks. Here’s our discussion. 

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Interview with the woman behind Green Central UAE


We recently discovered a unique weight loss and nutrition center called Green Central UAE, which offers fresh, healthy meal plans that include juicing for detox and nourishment. We were delighted to find out that a mom-preneur was the brains behind this innovative operation!

We had a sit down with Sarah Ismail, owner and nutritionist at Green Central UAE, and picked her brains about the idea behind Green Central UAE and how to eat healthy during the month of Ramadan. Here’s what she had to say.

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