Lunch with HE Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi

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We were privileged to meet with Her Excellency Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi, a remarkably successful artist, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother. For someone of her status and accomplishment, Sheikha Hend is quite a modest woman who has devoted her life to her passions and to helping other people follow their dreams and succeed.

During our lunch with Sheikha Hend, we delved deeper into her life, vision and passions, taking away numerous valuable lessons and falling in love with her personality even more. This was our conversation with her:

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A conversation with Salama Mohamed


In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we were privileged to meet and chat with a young mother who is also a successful entrepreneur with an innovative spirit: Salama Mohamed. Salama is the brain and heart behind Pearl by S, an online jewelry store that sells a unique and modern fusion of seawater and freshwater pearls along with (18K and 21K) gold at reasonable prices. First and foremost, she’s a mother of two young boys, Khalifa and Abdulla, who are her pride and joy.

We had a conversation with Salama to get to know her on a deeper level and learn the secrets behind her success as a business woman and a mother in hopes of inspiring other women to pursue their dreams.

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About Me


From a shy little girl to a strong woman…

My journey is a beautiful messy blend of struggles and passions, tears and smiles, strength and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, achievements and lessons… 

I am married to my best friend and a first time mother to the most precious baby boy. A communication and media expert by day, a cook at night and a full time mother, I try to juggle gracefully between my family, my job and myself.

I am passionate about writing… I love playing with makeup… I travel to collect memories… I laugh because its the cure to pain… I practice mindfulness… I believe in self care… Self love comes first… To empower is to be empowered… Successful women inspire me…  

This platform is for all women, the married and the single, the newlywed and the mother, the passionate and the dreamer, the free spirit and the traditionalist.

Love & Happy thoughts