Married with or without kids?


When you’re married, with or without kids, you’re subjected to some level of scrutiny from society.  If you don’t have kids, people wonder if you’re having marital or fertility problems. If you have kids, people question why you had them so soon or so late. And although the questions around this topic stem from good intentions, it still feels like a socially inappropriate topic to engage in, especially in small talk.

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April’s beauty favorites


Spring is here, bringing us beautiful colors and sensational smells. Honestly, is there anything more refreshing than the scent of fresh flowers and perfume? Being the perfume addicts we are, we decided to share with you some of our favorite spring fragrances. 

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March’s beauty favorites

Nivea 5.jpg

It’s spring time, which usually means dry skin. For cleansing and moisturizing our skin, we use Nivea’s products. A brand that’s been around for 100 years, Nivea is a timeless product line. We’ve witnessed our mothers and even our grandmothers using Nivea products over the years without disappointment.

Since we love this brand so much, we wanted to share our favorite products from our daily skin care routine. 

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Less judgment, more love


Let’s face it, women are always being judged. We’re judged on our level of education; whether we’re married, or not married; if we have kids or if we don’t have kids; whether we have a girl or a boy; if we’re stay at home moms, or working moms; if we’re overdressed or underdressed; if we’re too thin or too fat; if we follow the trend or if we stand out; if we express our emotions or if we hide them… and the judgments go on and on.

Frankly, we’re sick of it.

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January’s beauty favorites


There’s something addictive about beauty products- our collection seems to be expanding and since we run out of stuff so quickly, we are constantly shopping for more! We wanted to take a break from shopping this month since we exhausted our bank accounts throughout the holidays, but there are some beauty essentials that naturally seem to be exempted –  we call them the basics…

Here are some of the basics we picked up this month.

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December’s beauty favorites


December is a very special month for us. First of all, it’s the season of giving and celebrating with our loved ones. Second of all, we get a glimpse of winter in the desert and we get to flaunt our boots, the few times it rains! 

While on a rampage to buy the perfect gifts for our loved ones, we happened to pick up a few things for ourselves too! Because who said we can’t buy ourselves gifts? 🙂

Here are some of our newest beauty additions…

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Rara’s winter wonderland wedding


j (213)

The best day of my life was the day I married my best friend. I had always dreamt of having a winter wedding just because I love the winter season and the month of December. So I planned for a winter wonderland in one of the most beautiful hotels in Lebanon: Phoenicia Beirut.

For all the winter brides out there, yes you probably have to do an indoor wedding, but that won’t take away from the beauty and creativity that outdoor weddings have! In fact, there’s a lot of creativity involved in transforming an indoor venue. Have a look at how I transformed my wedding ballroom into a winter wonderland! 

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Holiday Dinner at Sisi’s


IMG_3121 (2)

The holidays are a great time to reflect on all things appreciated. This year, we’re grateful for the fact that we launched our blog, which has brought a lot of positivity and joy into our lives. We’re grateful for all the lovely people we met in our journey so far, and who’ve inspired us to chase our dreams. We’re also thankful for good health, which is the most important thing for us within ourselves and our loved ones.

To celebrate the holidays, we enjoyed a quiet night in where we caught up on life, and indulged in a delicious holiday dinner. Our dinner was prepared by one of our favorite restaurants in the UAE: Shakespeare and Co.

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November’s beauty favorites


November is a great month to be in the UAE, the weather starts to cool down a little bit, and you feel a nice breeze after a long hot summer. Plus, the best part about November is that December is around the corner and that’s usually the time we shop shop shop! Since we didn’t really buy any new products this month, we thought we’d highlight some of our not-so-new beauty products that we love. 

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