Rara’s rustic-styled home


One of the most exciting parts about getting married is moving to a new house and making it your own. Your home is a reflection of who you are, and even though it’s not always spotless and perfect, at least you can find a way to make it tell your story. Fortunately, my partner and I both have similar tastes in decor, so it was easy to furnish our home together.

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October’s beauty favorites


We’ve had a crazy busy month, a lot of work and studying, and a lot of new mom stress and responsibilities. Stress can really affect your outer beauty, damaging your skin, and stripping you away from time spent pampering and taking care of yourself. You go from having that extra twenty minutes in the morning to apply your makeup, to scavenging for 5 minutes to fix yourself before you begin your day. Those days when you’re too stressed or busy, you just need a quick fix in the morning to look semi-normal and hide the fact that you stayed up all night studying or caring for your baby.

Here are the products we’ve been using for a five-minute fix before embarking on a stressful day ahead.

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Authentic Greek in Abu Dhabi



Life has kept us both so busy that it’s been awhile since we had a proper outing together. But one night last week, we decided to spontaneously go out for dinner because planning a night out just wasn’t working out. Sometimes you just need one person to call and say, “Are you free right now? Let’s go!”

We headed straight to Bentley, one of our favorite restaurants in The Galleria, and noticed there’s a new restaurant that opened right behind it, literally taking up half of Bentley’s original space.  It’s a new Greek restaurant called Eat Greek Kouzina, which appealed to us mainly because we’ve never had Greek food in Abu Dhabi, and so we decided to try it out.

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Welcoming baby Mia



Once your newborn comes home, it’s tradition for family and friends to visit the baby and provide a gift either for the baby or the new mom :). In return, the family offers the visitors congratulatory sweets.

There’s a new trend now of setting up a display of different sweets, designed with a creative theme. This table above was Baby Mia’s setup, and the theme was baby pink and grey butterflies- designed by Atelier Blanc, one of our favorite sweet shops in the country! Have a look at all the delicious sweets and beautiful decor they provided us with.

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Pre-Wedding Tips


Weddings don’t have to be as stressful as they’re made out to be! Our weddings were in different seasons with different themes, and they both went really smoothly – thankfully.  This was mainly because we were well-prepared, relaxed and excited rather than stressed and anxious.  

Based on our experience, here are some pre-wedding tips that we highly recommend to future brides, which we believe will actually make a difference in their wedding experience.

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Mini Apple Pies


We’re approaching the season for a nice warm apple pie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle of cinnamon powder- yum! Apple pie is one of our favorite desserts, which we love serving in afternoon gatherings and dinner parties. On a bad day, you can even catch us standing over the kitchen sink, fork in hand and tray in the other, finishing off the entire pie.

As much as we love baking a whole apple pie, we find that mini desserts are growing in popularity nowadays. This could be because people are more health-conscious, and would rather have a mini portion of a highly sweet dessert, especially if you’re serving other meal and dessert options, such as in a dinner party. So we started baking mini apple pies- here’s an easy recipe we always use!

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Sisi’s summer wedding


This July, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary! It was my first and last wedding anniversary just me and my hubby- next year we’ll have (cute) company!

We were privileged to have a stunning outdoor summer wedding in Lebanon. We chose one of the most beautiful outdoor venues in Lebanon: Bois de Roses, Faitroun. And we specifically chose this location because the weather in Faitroun is ideal for a summer wedding. To all the new brides who are planning a summer wedding in Lebanon, make sure you choose a venue that’s on a higher elevation and avoid the city. That way you’ll avoid the heat and humidity of Lebanese summers. 

We were lucky all went smoothly; we had chosen an excellent wedding planner and suppliers, which I highly recommend. Here is a list of everyone who was involved in making our wedding flawless and memorable. 

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