May’s beauty favorites


Makeup is an ever growing industry with endless product choices, that it feels overwhelming for a woman to choose the right beauty products. We often count on reviews and beauty influencers to decide which products are best; if not, it’s pure trial and error!

Once we’ve tried a product and found it useful and effective, we generally like to share it with our friends and women who are interested in makeup and beauty. Here are some products that we use as part of our daily routine.


Garnier BB Cream – Miracle Skin Protector

This BB cream is a daily essential. It’s a great face moisturizer that really freshens and brightens your face. It’s great at concealing tired-looking skin and bringing some evenness to your face. It can work well as a base (before applying your makeup) or even on its own. On the days when we don’t feel like wearing any makeup, we only apply this BB cream and we’re out the door!



Our all-time favorite! This magical mascara has long-lasting powers of lengthening and thickening your lashes, while keeping them natural-looking and clump-free. Your eyes will look glamorous- yet feel comfortable- for the entire day.


Lipsticks – MAC/ Kiko

We’re huge fans of matte lipsticks simply because they last longer and don’t smudge easily! The Mac “Pro Longwear” and Kiko “Velvet Passion” are pink nude colors that you can wear with almost any outfit and in any occasion! We have fair complexions so these colors really suit us, especially when we want a subtle look for everyday wear. 


Sephora – Blush

This beautiful 3-in-1 blush is super practical. It’s got both a blush and a highlighter, which are also long-lasting, natural-looking and very subtle. Perfect for everyday use!


Benefit – Watt’s up!

For those women who want that illuminating, thinner-looking face, this highlighter is perfect! This cream-to-powder is revolutionary; you smear it like a cream on your skin and it settles just like a powder, giving you that double yet subtle effect. Just apply it over your cheekbones and watch your face glow. You can definitely apply it on a daily basis, but we like to keep it for occasions, as it can get quite addictive!


Estee Lauder – Eyeshadow set

Before discovering this beautiful set, we were using eyeliner on a daily basis. We found that using neutral colors can give a more natural look that’s just as eye-popping as eye liner. Not to mention quicker to apply and more convenient for everyday meetings and events. This set provides you with all the essential neutral colors you would need in one package, and would also last you awhile in your makeup drawer!

There are always new makeup trends and beauty products being launched, and as beauty lovers, we’re always looking to diversify our collection and stay up-to-date. So we’d love to hear about any products you love or recommend, so we can expand our collection!


Sisi & Rara

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